Only God Can Make America Great Again!

God’s People Have Become Appeasers

How did America get into the state that is currently causing our country and our values to be circling the drain and slowly taking our beloved country down?

It didn’t happened all at once. A number of things have slowly eroded our values and beliefs, until we have finally reached a state of severe moral and economic distress.

I worry that America is on her last legs and will one day very soon become another world power that is neither respected, feared nor secure. How did that happen?

We have become a nation of non-producers. Our adult population realized years ago that, as a democracy, they could vote themselves benefits. Recognizing that defect in our laws, about half the potential workforce has determined it easier, and in some cases more rewarding, to let the remaining workforce support them.

We have become a nation of appeasers. Political correctness has declared that our free speech isn’t so free if it scares or angers an ethnic, student, criminal, country, or group. Of course the people, companies, and government cave to these artificial fears in order to calm the demonstrations, violence and hatred. It’s appeasement and it isn’t working. The more we cave the more these groups demand.

Politicians will not change their ways, their only interest in America is their power… so they continue to spend more money to support programs that keep their constituents happy, and continue to keep them in positions of authority and privilege. And they defy the Constitution by joining into the noise of the thin skinned.

Almost all of politicians will lie and cheat to remain in office and, as long as the non-producers receive the flow of free money, theiy turn a blind eye to their political indiscretions.

And we cry when will this craziness end? Who will step forward and correct the destruction of our democracy? Those questions will go unanswered. A strong principled politician will be unable to change our nation. It’s become our nation’s job to support the lazy and their children… many of whom have never had a job.

What’s the solution? God has the answer!

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

During these troubling times, we reason that if God would heal our land by improving the economy, smiting our enemies, and giving us a new President, we would again become the country respected by the world… and all the people will be happy.

God doesn’t seem to be going for it! Seems like He has an Old Testament philosophy that, in order for Him to participate, we must do four things.

In 2 Chronicles 7:14, He tells Solomon that if the people 1) humble themselves and 2) pray 3) seek His face 4) turn from their wicked fways… THENHe will hear us and forgive our sins and HEAL our land.

He’s looking for an Army of warriors who will fight a Holy War using prayer. It’s not politically correct, or comfortable for us, but it is the ONLY way things will change. You will have to enlist, because God does not draft warriors. Hurry, it won’t be much longer and it will be too late.

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