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Prepper Are You Secure?I have always had a patriotic attitude toward the United States. As a baby boomer, I have lived through financial ups and downs in the economy, served in Vietnam, interest rates that exceeded 18% for a mortgage, couple depressions, 2 recessions and a bunch of other negative things that set us back each time.

But never in all those years did the positive and patriotic feelings leave me… I believed we’d always come back! And we always did… bigger, stronger and more focused than ever before.

After all, that’s what we were all about in America. We were not like other countries. There was a quiet pride we shared that could lead the world in values, economy and strength. Our government, like her people, gave money and technology to countries in need. We formed alliances with the weak so, as their big brother, we could support and protect them.

The Mounting Chance of Disaster?

Prepper Are You Secure?Today, 94 million workers, depressed by their long-term inability to find work, have quit trying, opting rather to draw government benefits and stay home. Some statistics put the numbers of people in government programs like unemployment benefits, welfare, Medicaid and Social Security disability at levels that almost equal our workforce.

With unemployment came adjustments to the money supply and the government determined they would print more money and reduce the interest rate for banks to zero percent. These actions did not stimulate our economy, but the cheap money made millions for those wealthy enough and smart enough to invest in the stock market.

Unfortunately, that has weakened America’s standing in the world and put our economy at risk to crash from the weight of our debt ($18+ trillion and rising rapidly).

Then throw in a war on terror, riots by American citizens, and uncontrolled immigration. And yes… my Grandfather was an immigrant, but he had to either work or starve when he got to America. Taxpayers at that time did not pay for unemployment, food stamps and free medical, but we taxpayers pay for all of that today.

So, what happens now? Many financial specialists believe that the government’s debt is out of control. They predict that many banks, after being bailed out 7 years ago, are on the brink of going under again. If they do, it will have a dangerous effect on you and me.

When the banks go under and cannot be bailed out, so do your savings, IRAs and other monies you have being held in the banks. Similar to what we saw happen in Greece, the dollar will be unavailable as the banks close their doors with your money inside. Stores, gas stations, and businesses in general will not take your currency or your plastic because at that point it will be worthless.

Does this sound crazy?

Could an Economic Disaster Really Happen?

Prepper Are You Secure?A video and accompanying article was recently published about and its president Patrick Byrne. You’ve probably seen an Overstock ad on television… it is a $1.5 billion retail online giant selling over one million products.

Turns out Byrne is a prepper. He feels both the government and banks are in that excessive debt position and the economy cannot hold up under the debt. His message was to tell a group of investors that the company had invested $10 million in small dominations of gold and silver. Why small denominations? He wants to be able to pay his employees for at least 3 months with this stockpile.

Food was also a need he felt would be scarce during this time, so he has set aside 3 months of food for each of his 1,500 employees and one (spouse). As you can imagine, Byrne is under a good deal of criticism for his unusual planning for the future. He denied the label of “prepper,” which many people were laying on him. (If it quacks like a duck… it is a duck!)

But he is a prepper in the strongest sense of the word, and is joined by a rapidly growing number of people who have determined that it is better to “pray for the best and plan for the worst.”

Prepper are You Ready for the Big Bang!

Prepper Are You Secure?There’s another threat to America that is not economic. It involves the electric grid of America and how it is the most attractive and most easily targeted soft spot for America’s enemies. Recently, Ted Koppel wrote a book called “Lights Out” which talks about how exposed our power grid is to potential cyber attacks. He talks about Russia and China having the ability to shut our entire grid down from a computer.

Because of their economic reliance on America, Koppel does not believe that either Russia or China will launch a cyber attack, but he openly alleges that Iran and North Korea are both very close to cracking the code and will not be so circumspect.

The outcome of such an attack is not the initial loss of electricity, but the months we will be without available power before it can be restored. The effects will be horrendous for all Americans. Imagine if you can… no lights, no electric heat, no banking, food spoiling in freezers and refrigerators, empty shelves in grocery stores and markets, gas pumps inactive, no pumps to force water to your house, and the list goes on and on.

People will be scavenging for just about everything they need to survive. Water, food, gas for vehicles and grills, and the list is endless.

As bad as this cyber attack is, there is another which is worse. It is also an attack on electricity called an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). This is achieved by setting off a bomb at high altitude. Experts tell us it will not only knock out the electrical grid, it will also knock out electrical power and batteries in cars, trucks, planes and all modes of travel vehicles that use a battery for the electric system.

Activating My Survival Gene to Become a Prepper

After researching everything I have shared with you here, I was concerned about a disaster and that concern grew into fear. I began to worry about how we would survive an event described previously. I could see myself trying to find food, water and gas in order to survive… and I didn’t like what I saw.

One day I began to read more about the problems and the worry started again. I was in fear of events that had not even happened yet. Suddenly, my fear turned to anger! The next thing I knew, my anger turned to conviction and (as I call it) The Survival Gene rose up and I was motivated to look for solutions instead of focusing on the disasters. I decided to look into becoming a prepper.

The more I researched, the more I realized the people called “Preppers” were actually not nuts, backwoods people or named “Hatfield.” On close scrutiny, I discovered that most were smart individuals who were already exercising The Survival Gene. They realized that God gave us the good sense to either take flight or fight an event, and in this case, flying is not really not an option.

How to Become a Prepper

Google search is a powerful tool, and I searched for individuals who are actively preparing for the future. There are a wide variety of individuals involved in doing things now to help them keep their family safe and sound during a disaster.

That’s what my wife Marlene and I are doing today. We’ve read and digested a lot of information and developed a list of all the things we need to do to prepare ourselves for a disaster (Click Here for a Booklet) for an uncertain future, which has already been described here. Our plan is to do many of the same things the people we’re following are doing, and at the same time give you the opportunity to look over our shoulders as we prepare.

We’ve broken our prepper efforts into four major areas. They are:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Survival Needs
  3. Security
  4. Communications

There is a bunch of learning to be done, but it is not overwhelming.

Prepper Are You Secure?The bottom line is this. There are only three places to be in today’s society. You can disregard the facts and continue as you were. You can worry about them and put off taking any action, or you can fire up The Survival Gene and become a prepper.

Only one of those options will make you a hero with your family if a disaster hits. If it doesn’t hit, you still have a treasure of things you can use in the future.

And may God Bless Us All!




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