11 Ways to Protect Your Home Before a Disaster

For the prepper, it’s all about security. Keep this in mind as you are preparing. Yes, you will need stores of food and water and other necessities. But, since you might be the only one in your neighborhood to have planned for disaster, your neighbors will think of you when they recognize their own needs and are looking for someone who is prepared.

Prepper – “Loose Lips Sink Ships”

Survival – It's All About SecurityAs we begin prepping for a disaster, we often become “witnesses” wanting our friends and neighbors to become preppers, as well. We talk about what we’re buying, how we’re planning and how/where we’re storing our resources.

Keep in mind that today’s friend can become tomorrow’s looter. Imagine not being prepared for the disaster and needing to scavenge for food and water… what would you be willing to do to provide for your family?

So, no matter how excited or passionate you are about prepping, it’s best to not discuss your status as a prepper It will be difficult for you not to “witness,” but it will be even more difficult for your children. This discussion of secrecy/privacy needs to be an important discussion for the whole family.

Train Your Family for Security

Survival – It's All About SecurityDevelop a security plan. Each family member needs to know what to do when a security threat occurs, or your plan will quickly vanish.

Families are encouraged by schools and fire departments to have an escape plan for fires and to practice it regularly. Unfortunately, the majority of homes do not practice these drills. If you put together a thorough emergency plan for home invasion and fire, you can practice both plans to ensure your family knows exactly what to do during either type of emergency.

During the time of a fire or home invasion, it is difficult for everyone to think clearly. Hesitating can throw the whole plan out of whack and put everyone involved in danger. Practice and drills build in recall memory and produce a smooth operating reaction to danger that could save lives.

Remember… as a prepper, you have to take family security seriously.

Prepper – Home Security is a Priority

Once you’ve put your plan in place, turn your attention to making your home secure. Here are 11 options to check as you get started:

  1. Survival – It's All About SecurityAlways lock all windows and doors whenever you leave the house.
  2. Inspect windows and door locks. Fix if weak or broken.
  3. Install deadbolt locks.
  4. Don’t hide a house key outside of your residence.
  5. Don’t leave your keys inside next to a door, where they are easily found. The best place is in the bedroom. If you hear a intruder, you can grab your keys and hit the panic button for the car. This will often scare an intruder away.
  6. Get a dog with a big bark or a menacing growl.
  7. Post “Beware of dog” signs in your yard. If you can get them, put security company logos in your windows.
  8. If you have outdoor lights, put them on a timer.
  9. Trim bushes that could provide hiding places for intruders.
  10. Block sliding glass doors with a dowel rod.
  11. Investigate outdoor lighting or a security alarm system, if your budget permits.

Prepper – Will You Consider Weaponizing?

Arming yourself is and will be a question of personal conscience. One prepper will want to own a weapon, while another chooses not to. Who is right? Both of them… choosing to buy and use a weapon is a matter of choice.

For Marlene and me, it was a topic for discussion. The question we had to ask was, “How does the Commandment ‘thou shalt not kill’ line up with a Christian’s owning and perhaps using a gun for personal protection?”

There is a good article in Compelling Truth that covers this spiritual question quite well. It boils down to this very idea… that you may use a weapon to protect a life, yet you may not use it in other situations.

We tried to scripturally approach every side of the discussion, without reaching a firm understanding of what was right. So we finally asked ourselves, “would we use a gun if someone was going to kill us?” We both felt strongly about protecting ourselves in that definite a situation.

Survival – It's All About SecurityWith that in mind, a little more study brought us to the decision that we would purchase a shotgun. Many Police departments recommend them, partly because the noise from chambering a round in a shotgun is often all it takes to make an intruder run.

The decision is, as we determined, a very personal one. Whatever you decide will have to be the proper personal choice for you and your family.

Prepper – Financial Security

Each night on the news we see the country’s debt at over $18 trillion. Many financial gurus say that our obligation is more like $60 trillion. Neither of those figures means much to me, but what does get my attention is the thought that there could be a financial collapse.

I don’t know much about investments, but I do know that America is barely able to pay the interest on our debt. As interest rates begin to rise, so do our payments, but our income without increased taxes stays the same.

Here’s the bottom line. Banks can close due to the national debt. Banks can close from loss of electricity caused by natural disasters. Banks can close for as long as a year from a computer hacker bringing the whole U.S. electrical grid down.

Survival – It's All About SecuritySo the point is, there are multiple factors that are or will put your financial security at risk. A lack of money on hand is one. No electricity, which takes bank computers down, is another. If the banks could not do transactions for 3 months, where would you be?

As a security conscious prepper, you will have money somewhere in your house to allow you cash flow for a few months. Cash might be king for a time, but one day we may see gold and silver or some other country’s money replace the dollar.

Have a stash! Take pains to hide it and don’t broadcast the fact that you have cash hidden in your house.

Preppers Don’t Fear, They Get Prepared!

A prepper will “Pray for the best, Plan for the worst.” That’s what you need to do. Move forward to protect your family, home and finances. This is the only option that replaces fear with what we call “Preparing for America’s Armageddon.”

Build a plan that gives you and you family a chance for survival. Starting that journey today will be the best thing you can possibly do.

May God Bless Us All,

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