Prepping for an EMP Means Opportunity to Survive

 At the end of several days of worry I finally decided that, instead of sitting around waiting for disaster to strike, I had to figure out what I could do to increase my family’s odds of survival, if we are suddenly faced with an EMP over American soil.

What I’ve learned and what actions I’ve taken for the last two years have come a long way toward providing my family with an opportunity of surviving the attack.

In 2016 Dr. Peter Pry said this about North Korea and an EMP

“The public is being misled, by the White House, some so-called “experts”, and mainstream media, casting doubt on whether the Great Leader’s threat is real.

They claim North Korea has not demonstrated sufficient “miniaturization” of a nuclear weapon to be delivered by a missile.

However, defense and intelligence community officials warn North Korea probably already has nuclear armed missiles”.

Before jumping with both feet into protecting yourself and your family from an EMP attack, you need to look at all aspects of this disaster, so you can understand what you might be facing.

For example… if North Korea dropped a hydrogen bomb on a major city, it would demolish not only that city, but would damage a broad circle around that city. Deaths could amount to several million people.

If North Korea were to fire a rocket with a low level hydrogen bomb 300 kilometers over the central United States, it will result in a shower of radiation that will NOT destroy buildings, homes and people, but it will totally render anything electronic completely useless. Ultimately millions of people die.

The low level bomb is capable of shutting down our nation’s entire electrical grid and cutting off all electricity to the United States, parts of Canada and a parts of Mexico.


America’s entire electrical grid will shut down. Cars, trucks and airplanes will be rendered useless. That means food cannot be delivered to the grocery stores… stores will close down in just a few days when their shelves are empty.

  • Banks will close down; however, money will not buy anything, anyway
  • Hospitals will stop functioning when generators run out of fuel
  • It will become impossible to get running water, and water supplies will become toxic
  • Sick people will be unable to get life saving prescriptions
  • Home phones and cell phones will not work
  • There will be no electricity to light homes for a year or more
  • There will be no law enforcement or fire departments able to help us

In a matter of weeks, Americans will go from peaceful to chaotic. People will begin to recognize that their families may starve, so they will begin to search for food to steal or kill for.

The deadliest problem will be the inability to dispose of waste. It will build to a point where a pandemic will ensue and disease will begin to wipe out our society.

I don’t mean to scare you, but fear might be the emotion that makes you realize that you must do something to prepare for this deadly disaster (it did for me). Not planning is a fools errand. Many people will assume that we are protected from such an attack…but our government is NOT prepared to stop or to help us in the case of an EMP attack. We are on our own!

Our President, Congress and their families will escape to underground compounds to be fed and protected. The wealthy know full well what can happen and are buying large plots of land and building underground bunkers to survive.

Those who have prepared by stockpiling food and water will, in most cases, not be sharing what they have. So your survival and the survival of your family relies solely on you.

If you have watched the news this past year you know North Korea’s political leader is crazy. Our “experts” believe he has or will soon have the low level hydrogen bomb he desires.

For me, it wasn’t a question of making a choice. My desire to survive and protect my family was a given, when I began studying this disaster.

I have written and planned for the worst, all the while praying this disaster will not happen. If it does not, I’ll have food and water to last for months, if not longer.

Can I predict any of this will happen or when? Of course not; however, I see America and the world growing more violent and hateful every day. End times? I’m not concerned about that. I’m prayed up and prepared for the world’s armageddon.

The good news is … at this moment… today… there is still time to begin planning for an EMP disaster. If you feel overwhelmed, I encourage you to be positive. There are millions of people (called “Preppers,” as in “preparation”) online, willing and able to help you determine how to begin and what priorities are important.

I am one of those individuals.

“The Survival Gene” has published a 36-page digital magazine filled with articles and videos that will help you plan for your survival. There are in-depth looks at an EMP, how to start preparing, and articles and videos about food, protection, security measures, and much more.

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Until we meet again… I am in His service and yours.

prepping for an emp means opportunity to survive

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