Prepping – For My Family’s Security

Prepping - Taking Charge of My Family's SecurityTaking charge of my family’s security has become a passion for me. But, I have a confession to make. I was a Class A, card-carrying worrier! I do my best worrying when I wake up at 3 AM and can’t get back to sleep.

I worry about the economy, rioting, terrorism, a potential war with Russia or China, who will become President, and the list is endless.

Then, of course, there are the natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. There are just not enough hours in the day and night to figure it all out. Plus, I’m exhausted from sleep deprivation

Of course, I read and watch the news coverage of current world-wide events, and that enhances the stress. Then one day I read about what I call “The Real Big Bang Disaster” called an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or Cyber terror attack. Both of these, one a bomb and the other a computer hack will plunge all America into total darkness… no electricity for months! Ted Koppel quotes a Lloyd Austin a 4-star general an commander of Central Command saying, says “the chance of an attack on our electric grid, is not when, but if”!

So there I was, sitting in my big chair worrying about a big bang theory and then it happened…The Survival Gene kicked in! You know… the DNA and adrenaline rush you have that makes you stop wanting to run but elect, instead, to stand and fight!

Prepping For Disaster Beats Worrying!

Worrying about my family and wondering what will happen, should a disaster strike, doesn’t do squat if a disaster actually happens.

Once that truth struck home, I decided to go to the internet and search for the word “survival.” Shock! There are over 140 million hits, all dealing with preparing (prepping for the future). After reading for several hours about how to handle different disasters, I decide “I’m going to prepare for the big bang and will then be ready for lesser disasters!”

Sounded good, but there’s ‘way more to prepping than just buying food for 3 months to a year. After several days of trying to figure it all out, I was about to throw up my hands and say, “Okay, come and get me!”

Then I remembered my family… OUCH! GUILT! “I can’t quit,” I concluded. “There’s too much riding on having at least a chance to survive IF the disaster comes!” So I dug in and, instead of trying to do everything at once, I decided to attack it just like I would if I were trying to eat an elephant… “One bite at a time!”

Preparing to Begin Prepping

I found there are millions of “Preppers” (yes, we have a name!), and they are not what you visualize. They are not all country boys from the back woods, standing beside the family still. Most are hardworking, intelligent people who are feeling the same things I am, and are willing to do something about it.

It was interesting to discover that those who have been at it for awhile are very willing to help others, and following their information and blogs has saved me both hours and money. My contact with these people has convinced me that I’m definitely in good company.

So I’m now into prepping and am motivated to achieve a degree of security and preparedness, in the event “it hits the fan.” My quest began when I tried to separate the “important” from the “do later” projects. My thoughts were chaotic until I ran across the “Survival Rule of 3.”

Perfect! This gave me a start by helping me realize what was truly important. Here’s what the Survival Rule of 3 looks like:

In order to survive a disaster we must build our action plans on these simple realities. If deprived of…

  • Air, we can live up to 3 minutes,
  • Water, we can live up to 3 days,
  • Shelter, we can survive 3 hours in freezing temperatures,
  • Food, we can survive 3 weeks.

Air, of course, would be the first priority, but I’m going to assume for this writing that we will have oxygen. The only thing I can think of that would deprive you of air would be a chemical warfare attack. It that’s the case, a gas mask would help, but for how long… and would you know about it in time for anything to be effective?

Our bodies will not go too long without notifying us that it’s time to eat. Our internal clock goes off when our body is uncomfortable due to lack of food. However, since the human body can go for weeks without food… regardless of the demands of your inner clock… it is best to ignore the hunger pangs.

That leads us to our first priority, which is to determine where you will shelter yourself and others for whom you are responsible, whether it’s freezing weather or you live in a warm climate. Shelter also relates to personal security and where you will find safety… will it be in your home? or will you opt for safety in the great outdoors? You must quickly find a place or make the decision of where you will shelter yourself and your family.

Prepping - Taking Charge of My Family's SecurityThe next priority is to find water. Regardless of your stomach telling you it’s hungry, water is more critical than food for survival in the immediate first days. There’s a good chance that whatever causes a disaster can render available water contaminated and unsafe to drink without appropriate treatment. Your only safe option is to have sufficient safe water already stored away.

And your last critical priority is to assure you have a sufficient source of food readily available. Think through the reality of empty shelves at the market or grocery store, and I won’t have to tell you how important it is to have food stored away for at least several months… enough to feed not only yourself, but every person (and pet) for whom you are (or will be) responsible.

When Should You Start Prepping?

Prepping - Taking Charge of My Family's SecurityOnce you determine that the rumors and risks and threats to your life and the lives of your family are real, you will sense the motivation to get started… and NOW! If you are the head of your household, man or woman, you need to find your “survival gene” and move ahead with planning and achieving success. The stakes are too high to miss your opportunity to be prepared.

Next you can go to “Getting Started” by clicking here. Within a few minutes, you will be on your way to a rewarding adventure, confident that you’re doing everything possible to protect and defend yourself and your family.

I’ve written a FREE booklet of information that is the basic prepping plan I used to begin taking my first concrete steps toward preparedness. The booklet covers topics like…

The Real Big Bang Theory,

Staying home or bugging out,

How much water to store per person,

Types of food that store well and taste good,

Home and personal security,

Meeting energy needs,

How to communicate,

Will you need a weapon?

…and much more.

All the information you’ll need to recognize where the dangers lie, how to cope with them while preparing yourself in the process. You’ll find that prepping is not only motivating, but it also builds your confidence in your ability to face danger.

Begin Now! This information ties directly to your preparedness for survival.

God bless!



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