Protect Your Family From Looters Using Your Home Field Advantage

What is “Home Field Advantage”?

Protect Your Family From Robbers With Home Field AdvantageHome Field Advantage is a game changer in sports. You hear it all the time… “teams play better at home than when they are on the road.” Hence, the phrase, “home field advantage.”

Ironically, that phrase should apply to each of us in our homes, as well, but the majority of people don’t give much thought to securing their home from break-ins.

As for me, I don’t want anyone to break into my house. But I have to admit, my greatest fear is that an intruder will get inside my house at night when my family and I are asleep and we won’t hear them.

If someone breaks into my home during the day and steals televisions, computers and jewelry, I know I would feel psychologically violated, but that’s why I carry insurance.

An Inexpensive Way to Implement Home Field Advantage

Protect Your Family From Robbers With Home Field AdvantageThe world has become a dangerous place to live over the last 20 to 30 years. It didn’t happen overnight, but today there is a huge number of drug abusers, and criminal types who think differently than I do – they don’t mind hurting people to get what they want.

There are studies accessible online of people going to the police and asking how long would it take for the them to respond to a 911 call. A study conducted by “The Truth About Guns” found answers ranging from an average of 9 minutes, to 1 hour… with the best time being 4 minutes.

Protect Your Family from Robbers Using Home Team AdvantageHypothetically, consider someone breaking into our house. We call 911 and then wait for the police. (Note: If you have an alarm system it takes 15 to 20 seconds to register an intruder, notifying you with an alarm and at the same time notifying the security company which, in turn, calls 911 for you.) Hmmm…

What do you do in the meantime? You can…

Run out the door, if possible

Yell (scream) at them or say you have a gun

Hide in a closet, under the bed, etc.

Confront them (and pray they’re not armed)

Or… You Can Secure Your Home for Home Field Advantage

Honestly, I am not a fan of any of the above solutions. They all seem to share an end result of my wife or me being hurt. A lot can happen in the time it takes for the police to come to our aid. I believe a burglar knows how long it takes police in your neighborhood to respond.

I did a little investigating on my own to see if there is a “non-expensive way” to make my house more secure. Here’s what I came up with.

1. Have a dog (we checked that off right away) that barks at noises,

2. Sleep with you car’s key fob in your bedroom. Hit the alarm button so the car’s horn sounds an alarm.

3. Install a deadbolt on all entrance doors and also reinforce the door frames. Most frames are wood and an intruder’s number one way to enter a home is to kick the door open. See Video

4. Protect Your Family from Robbers Using Home Team AdvantageOnce the door is secured, buy a few door stoppers. These, especially with a reinforced or steel door, will slow a criminal down.

5. Infrared motion detectors are very inexpensive. You can cover front and back doors for less than $30.

6. Buy a used pump action 12 gauge shotgun. (Important: Do not fail to register the firearm with the appropriate state and federal agencies). If you and the gun owner go to a gun dealer, they can assist you in transferring ownership of the gun. It can take less time that waiting for the police to respond to a 911 call.

7. Make sure your home is well lit on the outside, using regular lights or motion sensor lights.

My Plan Using Home Field Advantage

If my dog begins to growl, there’s someone outside, so I am fully awake to investigate.

I make sure my phone is handy, wake my wife and then I go to the bedroom door.

Protect Your Family from Robbers Using Home Team AdvantageIf the motion alarms go off, my wife immediately calls 911. She keeps the phone on so the dispatcher can hear everything that’s going on.

When I’m sure someone is in the house, I pick up the shot gun and “jack a round” into the chamber. In most cases, I’ve been advised this distinctive sound will be a deterrent and many intruders will feel compelled to leave.

I close the bedroom door and my wife and I take cover behind the bed or a chest of drawers. We inform the dispatcher that we are in our bedroom with the door closed… and we are armed. (she will tell the officers about our gun so they don’t just open the door and walk in when they arrive).

And then we wait! I do not want a confrontation that is instigated by me. Would I shoot someone for taking my television or computer? NO! Would I shoot them if they were running away? NO!

Why? Because the law in our state and probably yours is that you are not in the right if you shoot someone who is not threatening your life. Someone carrying some loot or running from the scene is not considered to be threatening your life.

Will You Do the Right Thing With Home Field Advantage?

Just implementing the above measures does not guarantee the safety of your family and yourself. It’s one thing to have resources available, it is totally different reacting to danger when it is imminent. In emergencies, many people are likely to freeze or freak out.

So, tell me… what is the most important thing you can do to make certain your security measures are as effective as possible in a home intruder scenario?

Protect Your Family from Robbers Using Home Team AdvantagePractice, Practice, Practice! Both you and your spouse should be able to handle the shotgun. (If you are totally against guns, then substitute a bat and a pepper spray for the shotgun). Role play with your children, teaching them what their role is in an emergency.

Set off your own motion sensors and have a burglary drill, much like a fire drill. It must be impressed on each member of the household that this is reality and should be taken seriously.

And finally, remember that loose lips and threatening stickers on your windows don’t just warn an intruder, they provide him or her with valuable information. An NRA sticker or a sign saying “Home Security by 357 Magnum” in the window of your home says “we have guns.” So the intruder waits until you are gone, then breaks in to steal your guns.

Although friends mean well, you never know what they might tell someone else they know about your home and your security. Word of mouth can always reach someone of questionable character. Guns especially are targets for theft.

So don’t procrastinate. Begin building the Home Field Advantage at your home. Hopefully, you’ll never have to be experience a burglary. But with crime, drug usage, and the increasingly violent nature of some people, it seems unwise to ignore common sense steps you can take, both for your personal and your family’s defense.

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Until we meet again, God bless you and keep you safe.

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