Home Security



Once you’ve put your plan in place, turn your attention to making your home secure. Here are 11 options to check as you get started:

  1. Always lock all windows and doors whenever you leave the house.
  2. Inspect windows and door locks. Fix if weak or broken.
  3. Install deadbolt locks.
  4. Don’t hide a house key outside of your residence.
  5. Don’t leave your keys inside next to a door, where they are easily found. The best place is in the bedroom. If you hear a intruder, you can grab your keys and hit the panic button for the car. This will often scare an intruder away.
  6. Get a dog with a big bark or a menacing growl.
  7. Post “Beware of dog” signs in your yard. If you can get them, put security company logos in your windows
  8. If you have outdoor lights, put them on a timer.
  9. Trim bushes that could provide hiding places for intruders.
  10. Block sliding glass doors with a doll rod.
  11. Investigate outdoor lighting or a security alarm system, if your budget permits.