Shocking Truth About Women’s Safety

Marlene180As a woman, I worry about my safety and wonder if I will know what to do if I am assaulted. Does that describe you, too? If so… then this is the perfect article for you! At the end of this article you will be able to plan and practice a self protection strategy that will increase your confidence and provide you with confidence in your ability to escape an assault or rape attempt.

Your safety and security rely on your ability to both recognize danger and defend yourself.

Why Is Women’s Safety Important?

Women’s safety and security rely on the woman’s ability to recognize danger and defend herself. This article will give you 8 basic tips that could help you avoid becoming the victim of an attacker.

The Shocking Truth About Women's SafetyThere are 293,066 women in the United States who are raped/assaulted each year. That is one (reported) rape every 107 seconds… and there are countless others that go unreported.

Stop for a moment and think about that number. Every minute and forty-five seconds, a woman becomes the victim of an assault. You can be very sure that, during the time of the assault, these women could not rely on their husband, boyfriend, their high school football playing son or a male acquaintance for protection .

They are, most likely, with a girlfriend or alone. That means they must be responsible for their own self defense and safety!

The problem is that the majority of women don’t think it can ever happen to them… so they do nothing to prepare for the assault. The result of these attacks each year results in women suffering from depression, PTSD, from drug or alcohol abuse, and thoughts or the victim of suicide.

Women’s safety and their lives are threatened when they:

  • are attacked in a parking garage or on a dark street,
  • realize too late that they are being followed,
  • find out someone is hiding under their vehicle or in the backseat,
  • get robbed at an outdoor ATM at night,
  • don’t have all their doors locked when sitting at a traffic signal.

These are just a few of many situations that attackers are fond of. They know what to look for and they expect no defensive response from their targets. They are counting on a woman to be passive… not aggressive. Attackers do not want nor expect resistance.

8 Actions to Protect Against Sexual Assault

  1. The #1 priority of women’s safety and self defense is to escape the danger – Don’t panic when you are threatened, but look for areas and avenues where you can escape. The chance for a successful escape means changing from spike heels to running shoes for your trip home, because your life may depend on those few minutes it takes to change shoes. Beyond that, your goal is to escape at the first opportunity.
  2. Awareness – a very high percentage of violence against women happens when they are not alert and aware of a developing and The Shocking Truth About Women's Safetydangerous situation. You cannot be aware if you are texting, reading social media posts, talking on the phone or listening to your favorite music. If you are walking alone or with a girlfriend, keep your phone in your hand, with “911” already punched in, ready to push the call button in an emergency situation. Being aware of your surroundings will often take away the element of surprise from the attacker and provide your first opportunity to escape.
  3. Trust your instincts – when you concentrate on your surroundings, you will find you often develop a sense of the people around you who represent a dangerous threat. If your instincts warn you of danger…listen! Getting away from perceived danger is worth the investment of both time and inconvenience to your schedule.
  4. Training classes – unless you are set on becoming a black belt in martial arts, seek out someone who teaches “street tactics.” These instructors teach you how an attacker will engage you and how to counter their plan. They’ll teach you what to do when someone grabs your hair, puts you in a headlock, tries to choke you from behind, gets you to the ground and mounts you. Knowing the tendencies of an attacker may give you the edge you need to successfully defend yourself.
  5. Fight back – An attacker doesn’t have your welfare in mind. Taking the fight to them is a tremendous surprise. They are not expecting you to resist. You are within your rights to be carrying a gun. If you cannot under life-or-death circumstances see yourself shooting someone, then don’t buy a gun. Another option is to carry pepper spray, which has proven very effective for women’s safety. At the very least, have one or two pointed ends of your keys sticking up through your fist. If you use either a gun or pepper spray for protection…do not leave them in your purse! You’ll never get to them in time.
  6. Never, ever let your attacker take you to another location – outcomes for you in another location are not good. If the attacker tries to get you into another vehicle, fight… kick, scratch, gouge, whatever it takes to escape. If the attacker is in your car, he normally will not fasten his seat belt. If he tells you to drive away, pick up speed and run into a solid wall, post or car… the airbag should protect you, but the unbelted assailant will be hitting the windshield.
  7. Do not share personal information with strangers – it is very common for many women to tell a perfect stranger if they’reThe Shocking Truth About Women's Safety married, living alone, where they live, how they get home and other personal information. Remember that not all attackers look the part, and someone in a suit and tie can be just as d tangerous as someone who appears threatening in a hoodie. Social media is also a cybersex tool an attacker will use to profile his victim. Do not post information or have info in your profile that will help them plan an attack.
  8. Ensure that your home is safe – look, home security can be expensive. It is, even to me. Most home break ins happen between 10 am and 3 pm if the looter is looking for valuables. The sexual attacker can hit at any time, but seems to prefer darkness. Along with reinforcing your doors, you can actually have alarms for your windows and doors and a motion detection alarm for around $50. I have them in my home.

IT CAN Happen To You!

Listen, it’s easy to brush off the thought of an attack. It seems a large majority of women are already doing just that, but the devastating effects of an assault should motivate every woman to learn how to defend herself. I encourage mothers and daughters to learn more about women’s safety, because there will always be a time when husbands and boyfriends will not be there to protect you from an attacker.

And here is a sobering fact to consider… for you parents, statistics show that a full 44% of annual assaults in the United States happen to children age18 and under. Have you had these conversations with those individuals in your family and in your household? Do they know how to successfully defend themselves?

Below are two excellent sources to get you started on the road to learning how to protect yourself. And please, if you liked this article go to the upper right corner of this page and give us a “LIKE.” Thanks and God bless.

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