Will Your Loved Ones Survive America’s Armageddon

Will Your Loved Ones Survive America's ArmageddonThe word “Armageddon” refers to the place in Israel where it is believed the last battle of good versus evil will take place. Hence, Christians refer to end times as Armageddon.

America’s Armageddon cannot be found in the Bible. In fact, America is seemingly not mentioned in end time prophecies, at all. But why is that? As a world power, wouldn’t you think we would be active on the side of “good”?

America’s Armageddon refers to a situation so frightening and destructive that, should it happen in America, an estimated 90% of Americans (over 280 million) will die of starvation, violence, or from a pandemic.


What Will Cause The Battle?

Will it happen from an invasion? No.

Will it be caused by a civil war in the U.S.? No.

Will terrorism and immigration within our borders cause it? No.

Could an armageddon happen in America in the near future? YES!

The danger of America’s Armageddon resides in our vast electrical grid. As you are probably aware, the electrical grid over the United States is huge. It has tentacles supplying electric power to practically every home, business and manufacturing facility in America.

We rely on electricity in varying degrees for nearly every aspect of our lives. If that grid went completely down for any length of time, it would bring America to a standstill. Everything that is powered by electricity, including cars and airplanes, would immediately stop running.


How likely is America’s Armageddon to happen?

Will Your Loved Ones Survide America' ArmageddonFour-Star General Lloyd Austin, commander of the U.S. Central Command, when asked if this disaster could really happen, replied, “It is not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’.”

How could this happen? Our enemies Russia China and North Korea already possess the resources, and in the very near future Iran, and Pakistan, will have developed what is called a low level hydrogen bomb and a missile to launch it.

An atomic bomb hitting one of our larger cities would wipe it out. But if this bomb is exploded 300 kilometers above the central United States, the gamma ray fallout will cause an ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) that would overload our electrical grid and…

within seconds… America’s electrical grid will shut down. Not for a few hours or days, but for a year or more.

This will not be a loss of electricity from a storm, which usually lasts for a short period of time and effects small segments of the grid. The loss will be for an alarmingly long period of time. The U.S. government is not prepared to stop the attack or to protect us from the massive effects that will cover America within a matter of days. And most Americans are not prepared, either!

Within a week, people will begin to realize there will be no access to food once store shelves are empty. No trucks will be running to resupply the markets. Our food supply is simply cut off.

We will be unable to cook on either electric or gas stoves, there will be no running water, banks cannot open, there are no electrical parts for cars, trucks, planes, and trains.

Along with water and food scarcity, people relying on medications will not have access to more than 30 to 90 days. Hospitals will be able to supply extremely limited services and, since nearly all lifesaving technologies rely on electricity, none of those services will be available after fuel for the generators runs out.

There will be a loss of life from sickness, starvation and violence, but the biggest damage will result from sanitation problems. Human waste will simply pile up and could easily create a pandemic. Combined, these issues will take the lives of millions.


So, who can survive American’s Armageddon?

Survival ToolsThose who are prepared!

This impending disaster is not the biggest secret in the world! Go to Google, search EMP, and you will find literally over 56 million responses. YouTube offers some great videos that will both inform and enlighten you. I will provide a list at the end of this blog.

There is a relatively large group of people in the United States who stand a chance of surviving this calamity. They call themselves “Preppers.” (Those who “prepare,” right?)

These are people who have recognized the dangers surrounding American’s Armageddon and other potential emergencies or disasters in America. They have planned for, and continue to prepare for, the survival of their families. Whether they are outdoors people or urban dwellers, they share a desire to protect themselves and their families and also to help others who are willing to develop a survival plan for themselves.

Don’t procrastinate, or “pooh pooh” the opportunity to preserve the lives of your loved ones. If American’s Armageddon doesn’t happen, then praise the   Lord! But remember, General Austin from United States Central Command feels the probability of an EMP in America is just a matter of time.



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Until we meet again… I am in His service and yours.

prepping for an emp means opportunity to survive

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